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SPONSOR INTERVIEW: Monica Gazzurelli, Export Manager, BIMAR

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Ahead of next month's Channel Summit EMEA 2022 event, Monica Gazzurelli, Export Manager for Italian appliances, heating and ventilation brand BIMAR, shared some insights into the company's channel plans and upcoming product announcements.

Tell us about Bimar

BIMAR is a long-established Italian firm based at Sirmione (Brescia), specialised in the production and distribution of small household appliances, electrical heating and ventilation devices, strongly future-oriented with a focus on home automation and smart products.

Which countries are you present in?

We have a presence in a number of European countries including Italy, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Malta, Albania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Spain and France.

What trends are you seeing in the small domestic appliance &heating markets?

Public demand leads to research that pushes us to differentiate ourselves by providing increasingly innovative and beautiful products to look at. The customer asks that his own needs be met and must have a wide choice of items for the bathroom (with the appropriate IP), for the living room, for the outdoor, very quiet for the bedroom, or super powerful.

The DIY market in the last 2 years, also due to Covid, has increased sales, and outdoor items have been in great demand in the past season. We expect the same this year.

The demand for dehumidifiers has also increased, due to the increase in electricity prices, in fact, many are encouraged not to turn on the air conditioners, but to buy a dehumidifier that relieves them of the feeling of humidity and heat in the house, during the summertime.

Tell us about the products you will showcase at Channel Summit EMEA?

HP126 is a representative item of our SMART product range with WIFI. A tower fan heater that offers total comfort thanks to the PTC function which adjusts the air power independently based on the ambient temperature.

Equipped with remote control and APP, it controls timer, programming, oscillation, and the power of the heating, 1000/2000W. An innovative product, with a refined design, easy to use in all rooms of the house for optimal comfort.

Which countries are a priority for Bimar and which channels are you looking to develop? Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Hungary and Greece. We are interested to meet with distributors, retailers, DIY retailer and specialist channel partners that cover our product categories.

What sets Bimar apart from other brands in the appliances market?

The main focus of Bimar is the normative and the perfect functionality of the products. Always in search of new, high-tech solutions, BIMAR analyses, interprets and satisfies the demands of a continually evolving market.

Bimar offers an array of totally smart, up-to-date solutions conceived to respond to the needs of the contemporary lifestyle and guarantee the utmost comfort, inside and outside the home. Bimar guarantees reliability and long term cooperation.

Do you have a structured channel programme? Please explain how you work with your channel partners

We offer our customers a wide choice of tools. We have recorded videos of the products, present on the Youtube channel, which can be accessed via the QR code present on the packaging of our products. We offer an EDI flow in order to be always updated on product availability, in 5 languages, and to facilitate the loading of information on our customers' sites. We participate every year in at least 4/5 trade fairs where we preview the news of the season. We organize business meetings once a year to invite suppliers and customers. We have also carried out training courses for customer staff for some of the large chains we work with.


Bimar is a headline sponsor at Channel Summit EMEA 2022.

For more information about Bimar click here


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