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New Nordic Agreement between Exertis and Unisynk

Kristina Jaksic, Product Manager for Exertis Nordics
Kristina Jaksic, Product Manager for Exertis Nordics

Broadliner Exertis Nordics has signed a Nordic agreement with Unisynk, developer and manufacturer of mobile and computer accessories with a focus on performance, safety, sustainability and design.

"We had a need to expand our portfolio in both docking stations and mobile phone accessories, and Unisynk complements our range of docking stations, which is a product group that has totally exploded in connection with the pandemic. They also stand out as a Swedish company with a high focus on design, quality and function, which is something we are particularly keen on", says Kristina Jaksic, Product Manager for Exertis Nordics.

Universal Creation AB was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2012 and owns the Unisynk brand, which since its inception has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers in the Nordic region in computer and mobile accessories such as USB-C cubes, home, office and car chargers, cables, audio and mobile phone holders.

"Exertis Nordic is an important strategic partner for us as we get the opportunity to reach out to their broad base of IT customers, ranging from large retailers to SME customers. We are investing heavily in our data and IT/connectivity products (such as hubs) and look forward to reaching more consumers and businesses with these products", says Malin Spjut, Sales Unisynk.

Unisynk has a unique expertise in building advanced power and data products. They stand out from the crowd as they develop products themselves from the start and have control over the entire value chain. They have a strong focus on sustainability and with the latest technology, the most robust choice of materials and a timeless design, they give their products a long lifespan.

"With Exertis' long experience and solid knowledge in IT, we are especially looking forward to reaching out to a larger and broader customer base. We are happy and excited about a long-term collaboration with a professional and friendly team, where together we can reach new heights", says Malin Spjut.

One of Unisynk's latest product releases is a popular car charger: Dual USB-C/A Car Charger 72W - a max-out car charger where you can charge a laptop and phone at the same time.

All Unisynk are available through Exertis Nordics offices in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.


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