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MTI hi-tech Authorized to Provide Official Service for Acer e-scooters

Sergiy Kozlovsky, director of MTI hi-tech Engineering
Sergiy Kozlovsky, director of MTI hi-tech Engineering

Ukrainian broadliner MTI high-tech distribution has inked a service contract for the maintenance of Acer e-scooters.

MTI became the first distributor of Acer e-scooters in Ukraine, and the first devices have already gone on sale. As a structural service department of the distributor, MTI hi-tech Engineering has taken on the important task of providing after-sales support for this type of product.

Long-term cooperation with this manufacturer, including the status of an official service centre for post-warranty maintenance of Acer personal computer and office equipment, allowed MTI to take a step towards expanding their partnership. Moreover, the MTI Technical Centre has all the necessary resources to organise this service, including highly qualified personnel and professional equipment.

The service contract was signed in early May 2023, before the launch of Acer e-scooters. This strategic partnership opens up new prospects for MTI hi-tech Engineering in the field of repair and maintenance in the electric transport industry. This means that it will not only provide service support for this category of Acer products, but also post-warranty repairs of devices in the category of individual electric transport from any other manufacturers.

In partnership with Acer, repairs and maintenance will be carried out using only original spare parts and components.

One of the main advantages of the MTI Technical Centre is that it offers customers the most modern approaches to repair, including the restoration of electronic components at the element level. It also guarantees that the work will be carried out with accuracy, professionalism and compliance with all the manufacturer's requirements and legislation in the field of warranty and post-warranty repair.

"This contract confirms the manufacturer's trust, as well as the professional recognition of our company in terms of warranty and post-warranty support. MIT hi-tech Engineering has extensive experience in working with technical systems and electronics. Accordingly, our high level of competence and focus on the shortest possible time for diagnostics and repair allow us to guarantee quality service for our customers. Our team always works to ensure maximum results in our work and satisfaction of our customers with our services", said Sergiy Kozlovsky, director of MTI hi-tech Engineering.

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