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Interview with Elias Ghosn, Channelpro

Tell us about ChannelPro

ChannelPro drives digital transformation in channel sales ecosystems by connecting vendors and distributors directly to the indirect salespeople that sell their brands every day. Our flagship channel sales force engagement platform - REACH - provides a simple and effective way to communicate with, educate and motivate frontline salespeople. I founded the company based on my own experiences as channel sales director for Microsoft and other vendors.

Which markets are you present in?

ChannelPro currently has clients in the Middle East and Africa, so a very diverse set of country markets with their own dynamics and unique differences in their channel ecosystems. REACH allows vendors and distributors to really tailor and optimize their channel programs, so we help clients target and grow diverse markets more easily. We’re currently in discussions with multinationals that plan to use REACH in Europe and Asia.

What are the main challenges for brands to manage their indirect sales channels?

Scale is the biggest challenge to manage indirect sales channels. Typically, channel partners are less and less connected to brands as the channel grows and the sheer numbers of channel salespeople, makes it impossible to communicate effectively with them all. Vendors and distributors often counter this by trying to distribute more information, more frequently across the channel, but this doesn’t help build strong connections, grow mindshare or even impact sales. We help vendors and distributors to segment, engage and optimize.

Can you share any case studies or recent projects?

This is always difficult, because our client’s programs are always their own, planned and optimised for competitive advantage. However, I can tell you that I’ll be taking Channel Summit attendees through one of our client’s case studies during my talk in Monaco.

Who should attend your workshop at Channel Summit EMEA?

I’d recommend anyone to attend who is serious about optimizing and improving the performance of their channel communications and incentives programs. Whether you want to dramatically increase engagement with your channel sales force, drive uptake for a new product, or incentivize a particular subset of your channel in order to change their behavior, you should definitely attend!


Elias Ghosn is presenting a workshop at Channel Summit EMEA 2024. See the agenda page for more details. For more information about ChannelPro, visit


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