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International Agreement between RLVNT and Deversify for Acetrack

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Martin Liljegren, Co-Founder at RLVNT Distribution
Martin Liljegren, Co-Founder at RLVNT Distribution

Smart object specialist RLVNT Distribution has signed an agreement with Deversify for Acetrack. RLVNT will make sure to strengthen the distribution in the Nordics (through its offices in Denmark, Finland and Sweden), Benelux and France. The Acetrack product has a revolutionary system that helps users to follow their diet, training, sleep and stress impact to make sure that the users are updated on how their body burns fat, at what time and how much.

RLVNT is the leading distributor of sport and health electronics across the Nordics, Benelux and France for both high street stores and e-commerce. This agreement means that Acetrack reaches thousands of new stores in all countries RLVNT operates in and that we will be able to sell Acetrack in most of Europe before the end of the year”, says Anders Murman, CEO and Co-Founder of Deversify.

Deversify is a Swedish company that develop electronic devices and apps to help individuals to understand and improve their own health. Their first product, the ketone breathalyser Acetrack, measures if your body is burning fat to get an overall picture and become more confident and understanding in what your body needs to be fuelled with. Deversify continues to grow in the health field with their mission to act as a good force against today’s lifestyle diseases, with a particular focus on lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

RLVNT are very excited about the partnership. Deversify deliver an innovative product that helps individuals to become more aware of their own health which means that the product is useful both for athletes, exercisers and for everyone that wants to strengthen their health”, says Martin Liljegren, Co-Founder at RLVNT Distribution. “Acetrack complements our other brands in the sports health and recovery field with a fantastic product that measures fat burning in real time.



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