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Galaxus Says "Bonjour la France"

Florian Teuteberg, CEO and co-founder of Digitec Galaxus
Florian Teuteberg, CEO and co-founder of Digitec Galaxus

Swiss retailer Galaxus has opened its virtual doors in France. The online department stores' wants to convince French customers with a wide range of products, fair prices and Swiss service quality. The online retailer also aims to score points in France with its active community and strong focus on sustainability.

Galaxus is expanding westwards: after Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany and Austria, Galaxus is now also available in France. Customers from Strasbourg to Bordeaux can now shop at the Swiss e-commerce market leader. Galaxus wants to build up a loyal customer base there and move into the top 5 of the largest online retailers.

Galaxus has been live in Germany since 2018 and in Austria since 2021. The product range includes over 1.6 million products. More than one million customers have already shopped at Galaxus in the two countries. "With this success behind us, we now want to take the next expansion step", says Florian Teuteberg, CEO and co-founder of Digitec Galaxus. "Expansion into France is a good idea because of the linguistic and cultural proximity. In addition, the geographical proximity to the Galaxus logistics location in Krefeld, Germany, is an advantage: French customers will initially be supplied from North Rhine-Westphalia - products from stock arrive in France three to five days after ordering."

But why does France need another online shop besides Amazon, Veepee or Fnac? "Galaxus is not just an online shop, but also a platform full of information, entertainment and interaction", says Florian.

The online retailer has a 30-person editorial team that explains the product range according to journalistic criteria with specialist articles, test reports and features, represents a clear opinion and inspires online shoppers in their product search. "Our editors are independent. Their job is not to promote products, but to test them hard and evaluate them honestly. That's where the added value for our community lies", Florian explains, adding: "We hope that this honest approach will also be well received in France."

Galaxus is also honest and transparent when it comes to sustainability and price development. For example, the online department stores' displays the climate gas emissions of all its products. The model takes into account the entire value chain - from the extraction of raw materials to production and delivery to the customer. And those who want to shop in a climate-neutral way can compensate their purchase by paying a voluntary levy. Customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland do this on average for every tenth purchase. Galaxus also shows how the prices of all products have developed in the past. "This makes us the most honest online retailer in Europe in terms of price and sustainability", says Florian.

"We have the opportunity to multiply our French-speaking community in one fell swoop. But to do so, we have to win the trust of the French", says Florian. Among other things, the online department stores' wants to achieve this with high Swiss service quality. This also includes customer service. "We already have francophone employees in customer service who help French-speaking customers in Switzerland. So we are ready to help and advise our new customers in France as well", says Intan Vermeer, Head of Customer Service.

In Switzerland, Germany and Austria, Digitec Galaxus achieved a total turnover of over €2bn last year. By comparison, the annual turnover of French e-commerce in 2021 was 129.1 billion euros, according to the Fédération du e-commerce et de la vente à distance (fevad). A huge total volume, from which Galaxus would like to break off a piece of baguette. "Our DIY range could be well received. I was told that DIY - 'bricolage' in French - is a national sport in France", says Florian.

The online retailer will soon find out which product categories will be best received in the Hexagon.



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