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Exhibitor Interview: Promate Technologies

Ramzi Saleh, Director of Brand, Promate Technologies

Tell us about Promate.

Promate Technologies, the worldwide leader in electronic and computing DMS (Design and Manufacturing Service) with extensive experience in product development and vertically integrated capabilities, Promate boasts a diversified product line, including smartphone accessories, IT peripherals, photography enhancements, digital gadgets, and consumer electronics and more. At Promate, we take pride in our well-diversified product portfolio, unique designs, flexible manufacturing capabilities, and reliable after-sale services.

Promate's commitment to innovation sets us apart. Our products are designed by a talented team of industrial designers and engineers, who also meticulously manage the technology to ensure the highest quality, making Promate products distinct in both design and quality. We operate on a “first to market” philosophy, which emphasizes procedural efficiency so we can bring our innovative products to consumers ahead of our competitors.

The combination of all these factors has made us the brand of choice among consumers who recognize the quality of design, engineering, and value. This has been Promate’s mission since our inception in Taipei - Taiwan early 2004, a brainchild of a group of industry leaders working at ASUS, Foxconn, and Pegatron.

Promate Smartwatch Series

What We do: Finding a niche in the market or identifying a need and filling the gap is what we do. We have over 1000 products in our portfolio, one of the largest collections for any peripheral vendor. Each product has a purpose, offering an exceptional combination of intuitive function and striking form. Together, these elements form an extraordinary collection of innovation and revolution that define Promate as a Lifestyle brand.

What sets Promate apart from other accessory brands?

With over 18 years of experience in retail and over 1000 award-winning products, Promate sets itself apart from other companies with a commitment to innovation and constant evolution with the latest technology to target different tiers of the audience with unique needs.

Working closely with top technology players, allows us to gain knowledge and develop top-notch products positioning us as first to market brand. In addition to a significant amount of research conducted over the years, Promate also ensures high-quality manufacturing with quality control procedures and can confidently provide a 2-year international warranty.

What is your product roadmap for 2023 and what can delegates expect to see at Channel Summit EMEA?

Promate is committed to innovation and is therefore constantly researching new and upcoming technologies to match expectations. We are the first to enter new and existing categories with certified products. Our partnership with top technology leaders enables us to constantly provide our customers and business partners with latest hi-tech products confirming a rich and promising roadmap.

Transparent 15W MagSafe wireless charging power bank

On display for this year’s Channel Summit will be our range of award-winning, MagSafe certified products along with our uniquely designed transparent line of power banks, amongst other outstanding digital accessories.

Which countries are you prioritizing in the next 12 months?

Promate has a global market presence, predominantly in Asia and Europe. We are currently expanding into one of the world’s fastest-growing economies - India and we're looking to expand into other developing countries.

What sort of channel partners are you looking to meet at the Channel Summit EMEA?

Promate is always looking for expansion opportunities in other developing countries and is hoping to connect with partners that will help us grow our market presence in their respective regions.

A Growing Number of Applications for Augmented Reality in the UAE

How has the market changed in the UAE over the last 12 months and what future trends do you anticipate?

UAE is a highly developed country that is not only known for its beautiful infrastructure but also its quick adaptability to new technology and innovation. Over the year UAE has shifted more towards Augmented Reality, promotion using online platforms, and a ‘Mobile first’ mindset.

Promate is providing customers with the means to expand capabilities through a full portfolio of products such as hubs and power options like wireless chargers, AC/DC adapters, power banks, and other peripherals to keep up with tech-savvy customers who can always stay connected.

Do you have a structured channel program? Please explain how you work with your channel partners

Promate is focused on expanding its presence globally through various online and offline channels including building brand awareness and recognition through social media – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Google ads, SEO marketing, E-newsletters, and e-commerce marketing on platforms such as Amazon, Noon and many more.

We are also promoting our brand through traditional media and channels including our local partners, banners, store branding, roll-up banners, and posters. A 360-integrated campaign is executed to communicate our latest products across multiple points of customer contact.

Any partnerships, sponsorships, or collaborations planned for 2022?

Promate is constantly developing new B2B and B2C strategies to keep up with technological advancements and trade activities. Apart from participating in multiple B2B events, Promate also collaborates with other similar businesses for strategic campaigns to promote brand awareness and sales.


Promate Technologies is a Headline Sponsor at Channel Summit EMEA 2023.

For more information about Promate Technologies, visit


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