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Exhibitor Interview: Linksys

Ahead of next year's Channel Summit MENA event, we caught up with Amanulla Khan, Regional Managing Director - Middle East, Turkey & Africa at Linksys about their plans for 2024 and views on the MENA market.

Can you give us some insights into Linksys and the array of products and services you offer across the MENA region? Linksys is an established leader in the networking industry. From introducing open WRT to providing future-proof mesh solutions, Linksys has been connecting people around the world for over 35 years. Linksys offers a range of B2C solutions such as routers and mesh systems, as well as B2B solutions like switches and access points. In the MENA region, Linksys offers products through various retail channels, online platforms, and with local distributors.

What's the game plan for Linksys when it comes to channels in MENA? Any specific areas or countries you're eyeing for partnerships? Linksys is sharply focused on expanding their presence in key markets and retail channels within the MENA region. Linksys is looking to establish and/or strengthen partnerships with local distributors, retailers, resellers, and ISPs to enhance product availability and customer reach.

How have you noticed changes in consumer demand across the MENA region? How's it shaping your strategy and product lineup? Changes in consumer demand in the MENA region, such as increased reliance on home networking solutions has influenced Linksys' product development and business strategies. The growing demand for smart home devices and high-speed internet impacts Linksys’ strategic outlook. In such a fast-paced environment, it is crucial to align with evolving consumer needs. Any teasers for what Linksys will be presenting at the Channel Summit MENA in February? To introduce the anticipated Designer Series, Linksys will proudly be showcasing the Velop Pro 7 and Velop Pro 6E, both with unbeatable features like lightning-fast setup and enhanced security. Around February, the newly released Velop Pro 7 – Linksys’ first WiFi 7 product – is planned to reach MENA consumers. There are also new WiFi 6 solutions slated for the Channel Summit timeframe which will be incorporating unique features that will come in appealing formfactors for affordable prices. Any valuable advice for retail partners looking to collaborate with Linksys? Retail partners should stay informed about Linksys' product portfolio and any new releases. Staying up to date on Linksys news will help establish a strong partnership and will lead to effective communication, understanding of the brand, and value alignment. Being responsive to market trends and consumer demands can help retail partners better position Linksys products in their stores. Linksys offers strategic, product and marketing support to partners and is always enthusiastic to welcome new ones to the extended team!


Linksys is exhibiting at Channel Summit MENA 2024. For more information about Linksys click here


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