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Exertis Launches B2B Recycling Portal

Tim Griffin, Exertis IT CEO
Tim Griffin, Exertis IT CEO

Broadliner Exertis UK has bolstered its sustainability initiatives with the launch of a new channel-focused trade-in portal aimed at resellers.

The self-serve portal allows customers to build a quote for the recycling of multiple devices in a simple and straightforward way, and covers various categories such as handsets, tablets and laptops.

Once received, all traded-in devices are fully data-wiped using Blackbelt Smartphone Defence – a failsafe mechanism that prevents any device leaving the facility with data on it. There is the option to provide individual data wipe certificates, if required.

Exertis has a proven track record in the recycling of devices via its company MTR, which for more than a decade has hosted a trade-in website for end users, meaning more categories of customer are now targeted by Exertis’ recycling efforts. MTR operates as a stand-alone, autonomous business division focused on delivering best-in-class, market-leading trade-in solutions. Devices received by MTR have their useful life extended via the secondary device market, with only a small fraction requiring disposal. These are dealt with in an environmentally friendly manner and are compliant with the WEEE directive.

Tim Griffin, Exertis IT CEO, said: “sustainability is a core part of the values we hold as a business. The importance of sustainability in the secondary sales market is more important than ever before, and the market for traded-in handsets is a circular economy that is growing year-on-year. For Exertis to provide another sustainable option to our customers, as part of the everyday interactions they have with us, is a great opportunity for us.



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