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Evernex Inaugurates the Largest Computer Refurbishment Site in Europe

Stanislas Pilot, President & CEO of Evernex
Stanislas Pilot, President & CEO of Evernex

Third-party IT infrastructure maintenance specialist Evernex has just inaugurated in Mitry-Compans, near Roissy, France, the largest reconditioning and shipping site for guaranteed recycled parts in EMEA.

Born from Evernex's desire to support its customers in their digital and ecological transition, this site materializes the Group's primary mission: to democratize IT refurbishment and recycling, by providing economical and sustainable solutions.

With nearly 37 years of experience in third-party IT maintenance, Evernex has established itself as a reference in the market and is a true pioneer in sustainable digital technology. Thanks to an evolving and innovative approach, the company has become the preferred partner of more than 10,000 customers in France and in over 160 countries.

Evernex's core business is to repair and maintain IT systems in record time. With stocks of more than 850,000 IT parts spread throughout the world, Evernex intervenes on all types of infrastructures thanks to its wide range of products and its engineers with multi-brand expertise.

The goal is to make the daily life of CIOs easier by providing fast and efficient solutions to the problems they encounter: new sustainability goals, rising costs, component and personnel shortages, etc.

Evernex offers comprehensive asset management:

  • sustainable financing solutions

  • maintenance

  • repurchase and sale of refurbished spare parts (Spare as a Service program)

  • installation, relocation, acquisition and modification of IT equipment

  • equipment recycling and secure data disposal

"Evernex is responsible for over 360,000 IT systems worldwide", said Stanislas Pilot, President & CEO of Evernex. "At a time when ecology is becoming a global and crucial concern, we must multiply our efforts and go even further in the use of recycled and reconditioned equipment to extend the life of IT infrastructures in companies. The safeguarding of our planet is a battle that individuals and professionals must fight together!"

With 190 employees working in more than 6,000 m2, Mitry-Compans has become Evernex's new global distribution hub.

An essential pillar of the Group's development strategy, the site will make it possible to manage a greater volume of material with significantly increased processing and storage capacities: 30% and 40% respectively. It will allow companies and cloud service operators to extend the life of their infrastructures by 5 to 10 years thanks to recycled and reconditioned parts and to reduce their carbon footprint.

Well aware of environmental issues, Evernex guarantees its customers that all of its equipment is certified to WEEE standards, attesting to its efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.

"Unique in Europe, this site represents the heart of our development strategy and allows us to further support our customers in the management of their infrastructure and their carbon emission reduction objectives. A true showcase of our activities, Mitry-Compans is the cornerstone of our vision of tomorrow's IT: efficient, economical and circular", concludes Stanislas Pilot.



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