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DELEGATE INSIGHTS: Matthias Pohl, Sales Director, Quinta

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Tell us about Quinta

Since 2006, we are a distributor of innovations. We look for new trends, growth potentials and latest innovations in the area of consumer electronics but not limited to it. Once we sign up with a new vendor we prepare the market launch and introduce the line up to customers in the DACH region. We have our own sales team, logistics and distribution facilities and got listings with most notable customers in the territory – online and offline.

Which product categories do you cover?

We cover mostly CE products like accessories and smart home. We expanded recently into the health and wellness segment.

Which channels and verticals do you serve in your local market?

We got listings with most notable customers in the territory, etailers and retailers.

What trends are you seeing in the German market?

Right now we experience a big wave of green IT and sustainable product concepts. Apart from that, Germany usually follows the same trends as the US and UK, but a few months later.

How has the Quinta business evolved over the last 12 months?

As innovation sales plummeted in 2020 due to the COVID crisis, the numbers picked up again last year, getting better in 2022. The market is hungry for new products, however customers are very selective.

What plans do you have for 2022? Are you adding any new services?

We plan to add a few more vendors that suit our portfolio and have a good chance of selling for Christmas business in 2022.

What sort of products are you looking for at Channel Summit EMEA?

We look for brands that are new to the market. Innovations with clear USPs. We already signed up a couple of vendors through Channel Summit Online in the past, looking forward to finally meeting people live at the expo again.

What makes a good vendor-distributor partnership?

Just to name a few: Transparency and trust are important. In a world full of risks, a proper way of sharing the market launch risks should be part of the relationship.

What should brands consider if they want to work with Quinta?

Vendors need to have a clear sales and marketing strategy for the EU. That means for instance having a plan of a common MSRP, which leads to stable pricing and attractive margins. We look for long-term relationships, we are no quick-sale-and-run people.


Quinta is attending Channel Summit EMEA 2022. For more information about Quinta click here


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