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Channel Summit EMEA Announce Awards to Celebrate Best of Retail and Distribution

Farouk Hemraj, Founder and CEO of ChannelHub
Farouk Hemraj, Founder and CEO of ChannelHub

Consumer technology channel event, Channel Summit EMEA, has launched 2 new award categories to highlight the creativity and innovation delivered by retailers and distributors to their vendor partners. The submission based awards are open to all channel partners operating in the EMEA region, and will be judged by an independent panel.

Distributor of the Year

The award highlights the work by distributors delivering outstanding solutions to their customers in 2022. From supply chain innovation to a marketing masterclass, this award is an open category for distributors to demonstrate how they have delivered outstanding service to a vendor in their portfolio. The seven distributor awards are organised by region including Southern Europe, Nordics, UK & Ireland, DACH, CEE, Middle East and Africa.

Retailer of the Year

The awards recognise excellence at a retail level, and celebrate the most creative and impactful product launches in 2022. From impactful social media campaigns to creative in-store customer initiatives, the award is open to both online and offline activities delivered by a retailer. The retail awards are organised by region including Western Europe, Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) & Middle East & Africa (MEA).

Farouk Hemraj, Founder and CEO of ChannelHub, noted: “in spite of the many challenges faced by the global consumer technology channel, it continues to evolve and innovate. We want to celebrate the success stories and showcase the excellent work being done by vendors, distributors and retailers across the EMEA region.

Criteria for the retail and distributor award submissions include:

  • clear collaboration between brand and channel partner

  • tangible evidence of value from the initiative

  • quantifiable ROI for the vendor partner

Shuza Noirot, Sales Director of ChannelHub, commented: “this year, we’ve seen some fantastic retail launches, new brands shaking up the market, and some truly innovative work by distributors to overcome supply chain issues to deliver first class service to their customers. These are the stories we want to highlight with the new Channel Summit awards.

The Retail and Distributor of the Year awards will be in addition to the existing Vendor and Product Awards voted for by the audience of retailers, e-tailers and distributors attending the Channel Summit EMEA event, 15-17 May 2023, Fairmont Hotel, Monaco. The winners will be announced during the Awards evening on Tuesday, 16th May.


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