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Canyon Appoints Globomatik for Portugal and Spain

Sergey Esenin, Commercial Director of international sales of ASBIS own brands
Sergey Esenin, Commercial Director of international sales of ASBIS own brands

ASBIS has signed a distribution agreement with Spanish broadliner Globomatik for its line of Canyon-branded computer products and consumer electronics. Globomatik's customer network includes more than 5,000 partners, with a portfolio of more than 200 leading brands.

CANYON brand was launched in the Netherlands in 2003. Since then, it has grown in 19 years of history into a large-scale consumer electronics brand, with 16 offices in Europe and selling in more than 26 countries. The brand's portfolio includes more than 250 products, including accessories for Apple devices, mobile phones, gaming PCs, smartwatches and fitness bands. So far in 2022, the brand has sold more than 1.1 million devices worldwide.

As a leading brand in the industry, CANYON has recently launched only the most stable and reliable solutions on the market: power banks, wireless chargers, TWS headsets, PC headsets, keyboards, mice, hubs, car accessories, fitness bands and smartwatches. It is also planned to launch these ranges mainly in the CES and Mass Merchant markets. Also in small and medium-sized retail outlets, with a particular focus on the offline channel.

The partnership with Globomatik will enable CANYON to gain market share much faster and in all categories, strengthening its position in the consumer electronics and also portable devices segments. "By enhancing CANYON's brand presence in Globomatik, we in turn reinforce our firm commitment to growth in Spain and Portugal. Globomatik is undoubtedly a multi-channel distributor with a proven track record, capable of helping us expand our business throughout the market. The availability of our portfolio of consumer electronics products at Globomatik will make it easy for channel partners to increase their business by providing their customers with reliable and truly affordable devices", says Lucio Lascaray, Head of Sales for Italy and Iberia for ASBIS own brands.

"On the other hand, large-scale growth, market share increase and also geographical expansion continue to be our main priorities in the ASBIS Own Brands strategy in Western Europe. We are also very aware of the market situation. We are also aware of the expectations of our partners and our consumers. For these reasons, we are confident of the great potential for the development of the CANYON brand in Iberia", adds Sergey Esenin, Commercial Director of international sales of ASBIS own brands.

Manuel Mondéjar, Brand Manager at Globomatik, argues that "Canyon is a truly consolidated consumer electronics brand in Europe, having entered more than 20 countries. Its commitment to the Spanish and Portuguese market has given us the opportunity to grow together, providing our customers with brands of great projection."

"Globomatik will continue to support brands and manufacturers that are an opportunity for the channel. And we are convinced that with Canyon we will more than meet our objectives", concludes Mondéjar.

The brand's products are designed for young lovers of urban culture, people from the big city and also for those users who are looking for innovation. CANYON motivates the younger generation to be themselves. They also favor a change for the better, based on creativity, ecological responsibility, tolerance, humanity and also the desire to help and share.

CANYON adheres to strict quality control procedures. Each device is tested at different levels: quality, durability and also user data protection. The brand also pays particular attention to compliance with EU environmental standards (RoHS, CE). The packaging of the devices, on the other hand, has been manufactured with 100% recyclable materials, avoiding components created from plastics.


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