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ASBIS Strengthens its Board of Directors

Siarhei Kostevitch, Chairman and CEO of ASBIS Group
Siarhei Kostevitch, Chairman and CEO of ASBIS Group

Broadliner ASBISc Enterprises has strengthened its Board of Directors by appointing two new members: Mr. Constantinos Petrides - was appointed to the Board of Directors as a Non-Executive Director and Mrs. Hanna Kaplan as an Executive Director. The term of these members will begin on the 23rd of June 2023 and will last until June of 2025.

Mr. Constantinos Petrides has over twenty years of professional experience, including ten years in the three most important ministerial positions in the government of Cyprus - in the years 2013-2023 he held the following positions: Deputy Minister to the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Minister of the Interior and Minister of Finance of the Republic of Cyprus. He started his professional career in 2000 at the Cypriot Banks Association and as a representative of the Association in the European Banking Federation and the National Euro Changeover Committee. In April 2006, he was employed at the European Commission in Brussels, where until September 2011 he worked as an economist in the Directorate-General for Agriculture and the Directorate-General for Competition. While working for the European Commission, he was a negotiator of trade liberalization agreements between the EU and third countries and dealt with issues of state aid in the field of transport.

Mr. Constantinos Petrides studied economics at the University of Nottingham and then obtained a master's degree in the economics of political change in Europe from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences.

Siarhei Kostevitch, Chairman and CEO of ASBIS Group, commented: “we are very excited and honored to have Constantinos Petrides on our Board. His key achievements as a Finance Minister include a successful management of the COVID pandemic period, and impressively outpacing all EU, and IMF forecasts for Cyprus GDP growth, fiscal performance, and other macroeconomic indicators, leading to four successive upgrades of the Cyprus's Long term Foreign Issuer Default Rating by Credit Institutions. We are certain that with the addition of Constantinos to our Board, our Company will improve in its Governance and Transparency given the extensive knowledge he carries. We wish him all the success in his new role, and we look forward to collaborating with him."

Mrs. Hanna Kaplan joined the ASBIS Group in 2002 and is one of the key people in the Group's finance department. Thanks to her extensive experience and knowledge, Hanna was the project leader in the consolidation of the Group, being a key liaison with the Finance and IT departments. She also participated in the work related to the Company's listing on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2007 and successfully completed the on-line reporting system project based on proprietary IT4profit software.Mrs. Hanna Kaplan has a bachelor's degree in economics and is a Certified Accountant (ACCA).

Marios Christou, CFO of ASBIS Group, commented: “appointing Hanna as a Director was an easy decision to make and this has all prospects of success. Hanna has been working for the Group for more than 21 years and was able to prove herself as one of the most important links of ASBIS’s robust finance team. I am extremely happy to have Hanna on the Company’s Board and I am certain that she will add significant value and new ideas to our Board of Directors."



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