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ASBIS Expands Breezy to Poland and Moldova

Costas Tziamalis, Deputy CEO of ASBIS Group
Costas Tziamalis, Deputy CEO of ASBIS Group

Breezy, a subsidiary of broadliner ASBISC Enterprises starts operating on two more markets: Poland and Moldova.

The company's Trade-In services are also available in countries among others in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Cyprus and Georgia.

Breezy is the largest Trade-In provider in the countries of its operations, and has a very aggressive plan of expansion. The company launched a production facilities in Poland dealing with diagnostics and restoring original mobile devices to full efficiency for retail networks and telecommunications operators in the countries where ASBIS operates. The facility has an area of over 1,000 m2 and is located in Raszyn near Warsaw.

As an international provider of Trade-In services for the mobile industry, retail chains, and business end-users, Breezy, works with over 35 local and global partners, including, e.g. Apple Premium in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, a chain of Samsung mono-brand stores in Ukraine (Protoria), telecommunications operators Vodafone and Kcell, and retail chains, Sulpak, Mechta, Technodom.

The main activity of Breezy, tightly bound with circular economy development, is prolonging the life-cycle of devices by refurbishing pre-owned gadgets and then returning them to the market at a more affordable price. Products that are not qualified for renewal after diagnostics are safely recycled.

Costas Tziamalis, Deputy CEO of ASBIS Group, commented: “Breezy is a company that has great development potential, and thus our good investment in all our markets. This concept is evolving faster than any other segment and large smartphone manufacturers and telecommunications operators have already realized the potential in the sale of used phones, the more that it has a positive effect on the sale of their services. We are very pleased with Breezy's evolution and I am convinced that real successes lie ahead for this company. As regards to Polish market, we have managed to enroll some very qualified professionals to develop Polish operations and we are ready to heavily invest to make this company even stronger for the group.

Andrii Kosar, GM of Breezy, commented: “Breezy's offering is very well received in the markets where we operate, and the Breezy Trade-In Program benefits all stakeholders. We cooperate e.g., with large retail chains and telecommunications operators providing a ready-made Trade-In solution. Thanks to this, their sales results and profitability of stores improve with zero risk for business. On the other hand, customers can afford to buy more expensive devices due to a discount on purchasing the next, new device. Thus, our partner increases sales and customer loyalty. In addition to the decisive business benefits, we also have a positive impact on our planet – cooperation with Breezy is a great opportunity to save the planet’s resources, and reduce e-waste and carbon emissions.



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