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ASBIS Distributes Ritmix in Belarus

Artem Ahunov, managing director of ASBIS Belarus
Artem Ahunov, managing director of ASBIS Belarus

Broadliner ASBIS Belarus has started the distributor of Ritmix robot window cleaners. The new Ritmix robot window cleaner is one of the most time-consuming and labour-intensive tasks at home, and can be pretty risky as well.

"Ritmix brand decided to help and gave you three robot window cleaners to take care of the task at once: this will not only relieve you from the chore, but make window cleaning safe as well. All the devices can be easily used not only on windows, but also on mirrors, tiles, walls and cabinets with mirrored or glossy surfaces, and each model has its own unique functions", says Artem Ahunov, managing director of ASBIS Belarus.

The RWC-015 cleans with two round brushes and is suitable for small, heavily soiled surfaces, both horizontal and vertical, and has an additional option of spraying cleaning fluid.

To adequately clean corners and surfaces with frames, the RWC-021, which has a large rectangular cleaning head, is the ideal solution. This unit also has three operation modes, and supports both dry and wet cleaning, but is designed for vertical surfaces only.

All models can be set up using the supplied remote control. And for the safety of the units themselves, each is fitted with a safety cable.


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