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Adveo Acquires Top Office

Anna Bordes, Chairman of the Adveo Group
Anna Bordes, Chairman of the Adveo Group

Following negociations opened in April, Top Office has finally sold its reseller network to office supply specialist Adveo.

In particular, Adveo has created a franchise to host the company's sales outlets. Top Office joins the Plein Ciel, Calipage and Buro+ networks.

"The model we have built with the Top Office franchisees puts innovation, co-construction and boldness at the heart of our future actions, in order to redevelop in a constrained market. We have put in place the necessary resources to enable all our current and future franchisees to achieve sustainable economic development", explains Anna Bordes, Chairman of the Adveo Group.

In April, Top Office indicated that the deal involved "an indissociable consortium made up, on the one hand, of entrepreneur Jérôme Lorie, who has been a Top Office franchisee for 9 years, together with company executives and its current chairman, and, on the other hand, Adveo France, which would play the role of franchisor providing all the services associated with the shop network."

Founded in 1995 by Patrick Mulliez and André Guilbert, the office supplies and equipment chain has thirty-three outlets, eleven of which are affiliated. It generated sales of €71M in 2022.



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