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Thursday, 19th May
3:00PM - 4:00PM | Grand Prix A

M&A Activity in the European Channels: Drivers, Valuations and Trends

Presented by Pradip Somaia, Partner, Regent Assay

 European TMT M&A activity increased by 46% in terms of the total number of deals announced. There were 5,240 deals announced in 2021, which is a new record high, compared with 3,584 in 2020. The number of European TMT companies making an IPO was erratic during the year, but overall the total number of IPOs reached a peak of 422 in 2021, up from 135 in 2020. 


The ICT channel is continues to adapt to the growing demand from consumers for new technology. This started with the move from desktop to laptop computers, progressed further with the move from basic mobile phones to smart phones and the introduction of tablets. The latest trend has been the surge in consumer demand for wearable technology in the form of smart watches and health monitors. 

 While these new and evolving markets create huge opportunities, they are not without risk. A sudden change in fashion that can beset distributors who need to be able to provide the latest technology but run the risk of losing a significant revenue stream. Potentially being left with unwanted stock if a new product range emerges or a manufacturer withdraws from a market or is acquired. 

The emergence of new technologies emphasises the need for value added services and technology skills in the channel. Thus enabling the distributors to help the manufactures enter the market and to help the retailers or resellers to maximise the sales potential. The demand for value added services and new product lines is therefore becoming an important driver in M&A in the channel to increase the economies of scale, improve profit margins and rapidly build expertise. 

Thursday, 19th May
3:00PM - 4:00PM |
 Grand Prix B

Gaming in The New Normal – Keeping Up With The Opportunities

Presented by Sohjin Baek, Global Strategic Insights Manager, GfK

The pandemic encouraged consumers to spend more time at home and entertainment has been one of the major staying at home aspects alongside working and education. With the world slowly going back to normal, and with the current supply shortage situation, questions also arise for the gaming scene. How has the gaming segment developed after the strict lockdowns and social distancing? Is the price increase on the overall electronics market also impacting the gaming segment? In this session, we will have a look at the latest trends and the opportunities in the gaming scene.

Friday, 20th May
8:30AM - 9:30AM | Grand Prix B

GfK Breakfast Briefing: How mobile technologies will shape the future  (Invitation Only)

Presented by Christian Riedl, Diretor Market Intelligence-Central Europe, GfK

With 5G, the Metaverse and sustainability getting more and more relevance, the digital world might be facing fundamental changes in the coming years. But what impact will this have on consumers and industries? What can we expect for 2022, how may it change traditional form factors and what mobile trends did we see in the most recent months?


In this session, GfK will explore the opportunities & changes that are coming with the increasing trend of “connectivity” Understand how new solutions will provide future growth and how this fits into our current way of life - privately & in business. Topics like mobile devices, 5G and the Metaverse will be covered as well as the impact on the channel landscape. GfK will demonstrate examples of current trends within the mobile world and highlight growth opportunities for vendors, distributors and retailers.

Friday, 20th May
2PM - 3PM | 
Grand Prix B

Dynamics of the smart home market: Opportunity or challenge for 2022?

Presented by Nevin Francis, Global Strategic Insights Manager, GfK

The Technical consumer goods market has been strong and resilient in 2021. 2022 will be however challenged by increasing prices due to pressures on the supply chain built by several external factors. This session will focus on how smart products are one of multiple ways to offer better value propositions.


In the past year, across 7 major European markets, smart home products grew faster than total market growth. Nonetheless barriers around smart home continue to exist which hamper the smart home adoption. New standards being discussed could potentially address some of these barriers and propel the adoption of smart home products.

Friday, 20th May
2PM - 2:25PM |
 Grand Prix A

This Orange is not Vegan. What’s Happening in Sustainability and How is the Consumer Tech Sector Adapting to a Greener World?

Presented by Liam McSherry, Founder, flocq

Price, reviews and brand are still king for consumers when it comes to buying their next device but key words such as green, sustainability and refurbished are starting to feature in the consumer mindset, and influence buying decisions. Startups have the jump on established brands and can set out their eco strategies in line with what increasingly discerning customers want to see. However, for established brands it’s a more complicated path to tread. This session will look at what’s happening in the wider world of sustainability and eco initiatives plus how some consumer technology brands are managing their green strategy.

Friday, 20th May
2:30PM - 3:00PM 
| Grand Prix A


Consumer Trends and Insights On The Future of Urban E-Mobility.

Presented by Semmy Levit, Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer, Platum

Urban e-mobility is a fast-growing market at the intersection of many key challenges shaping the future of our cities, among them human activity decarbonization and support to green and smart urbanization, aimed at tackling climate change while reducing urban congestion and pollution. Cities are set to change their appearance and become e-mobility oriented, while surveys show that consumers are ready to embrace this new way of moving and experiencing the city. Starting from the case of three of Europe’s main countries – Italy, France and Spain – Semmy Levit will present insights highlighting opportunities in the European market & beyond.

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