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Terra Computer Crosses over, for the Second Times, €60m of Turnover

Ben Gayer, CEO of Terra Computer
Ben Gayer, CEO of Terra Computer

PC vendor and distributor Terra Computer France, a subsidiary of the German group Wortmann AG, has experienced constant development since its creation in France more than 15 years ago. With sales of €62.4 million in 2022 and 63 new resellers in its workforce, Terra Computer is continuing its strong momentum in the computer hardware sector and is launching two new offers to meet consumer expectations: a range gaming computer and a high availability server, the TerraXaler.

Based in Vendenheim in Alsace, Terra Computer is positioned as the specialist in computer hardware for professionals. The French subsidiary of Wortmann AG closed its 2022 financial year with a turnover of €62.4 million. With now 1,503 resellers in France and in the DOM-TOMs in 2022, the company continues to operate with a 100% indirect mode of sale through a network of partner distributors, digital service companies and an assembly line of its exclusively European products.

After a year 2022 under the sign of the economic and energy crisis, TERRA Computer has largely exceeded, for the second consecutive year, the milestone of 60 million euros in turnover. TERRA Computer aspires to continue this dynamism thanks to its new expertise in the gaming sector and its TerraXaler offer.

At the end of 2020, we were aiming for the milestone of 50 million euros in turnover for the year 2021 and since then, the progression has been strong and constant. Despite two years where we had to learn to live with a global pandemic, an energy crisis and an economic crisis, we have continued our efforts to meet new consumer expectations”, comments Ben Gayer, CEO of Terra Computer.

Terra Computer has launched a new range of gaming computers. Thanks to a partnership signed between WORTMANN AG and the eSports organization SK Gaming, Terra Computer unveils its new subsidiary: Terra e-Sports GmbH. With nearly 3.2 billion players worldwide (leisure and professional), 36.8% of whom use gaming computers according to DFC Intelligence, gaming has a great future. By creating this new range, Terra Computer aims to position itself as a benchmark brand in the minds of younger generations such as Generation Z and Alpha. Since January 1, 2023, five models of PCs and gaming computers are now available from Terra partner-resellers.

Terra Computer also launched a new high availability system, the TerraXaler. Based on two servers that operate in high availability, the new TerraXaler offer allows the servers to remain continuously functional, even in the event of a problem. “Configuring high availability servers can be a tedious and tricky step. With TerraXaler, we offer our customers a turnkey solution”, explains Ben Gayer.

TerraXaler is a hyperconverged infrastructure that brings together virtualization (Microsoft Hyper-V), networking and storage in a single solution. Powerful, the TerraXaler offer considerably speeds up the operation of databases, applications and TSE servers to allow a user to access applications or data stored on a remote computer. With minimal latency, workloads are dramatically accelerated. Thus, thanks to its many advantages, TerraXaler promises flawless data security, even in the event of a unit failure.

As for the Wortmann AG group, which has been present in Europe for more than 30 years, it exceeded the billion mark for the second consecutive year, posting a turnover of around €1 billion in 2022. With its 750 employees , the group now supports 16,000 resellers and ESNs.

This steady growth, despite a year marked by war and the energy crisis, in a sector as difficult as IT is the result of the group's unique policy: financial independence which makes decision-making more fluid, a network resellers considered as true partners and an assembly of products exclusively carried out in Europe.



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