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TD SYNNEX France Signs Up Menaya

Cédric Sroussi, Services director of TD SYNNEX Advanced Solutions France
Cédric Sroussi, Services director of TD SYNNEX Advanced Solutions France

Menaya, a cybersecurity vendor, has entered into an important partnership with broadliner TD SYNNEX France. TD SYNNEX France will indeed reference Menaya in its portfolio of solutions and offer the offer to a large number of companies through its network of 8,000 resellers in France.

Businesses today are facing an unprecedented increase in cyber attacks. In particular, VSEs and SMEs on which 75% of attacks are concentrated. The reason ? Their Information System is most of the time less protected, often due to a lack of resources. They also believe that they are too small to be targeted when in reality they are easy targets for Hackers to attack. Due to a lack of sufficient cybersecurity culture, 54% of French companies were attacked in 2021. These figures are particularly worrying, especially since they are confirmed by the CESIN 2022 Corporate Cybersecurity Barometer.

TD SYNNEX France's main characteristic is to bring together high-performance IT products, services and solutions from more than 250 recognized publishers. Their offer is based on high-growth technology segments: cloud, big data/analytics, IoT, mobility, SaaS and, of course, cybersecurity.

Through this partnership, TD SYNNEX France will distribute the Menaya solution through its network of 8,000 IT resellers. This approach bringing together a major player in distribution and a cybersecurity expert is particularly relevant, especially since it meets a strong market need.

"This agreement provides Menaya with even greater visibility and now allows us to access the entire network of TD SYNNEX France partners, i.e. 8,000 local IT resellers who are in direct contact with the challenges of their customers on the whole of France. Thus, through the presence of the Menaya offer within this network, the cybersecurity of many companies will be optimized", said Avi Bartov, co-founder of Menaya.

We have chosen to reference the Menaya offer because it is particularly suited to the needs of companies. Its functional coverage is complete, its implementation very simple especially as it is full SaaS, and its administration very intuitive. It perfectly complements our catalog of cybersecurity solutions. Undoubtedly, it meets a clearly identified need of TD SYNNEX France partners to support their customers", added Cédric Sroussi, Services director of TD SYNNEX Advanced Solutions France.

The Menaya solution has 3 components:

  • Cyber Web Detection: an automated combination of technologies to identify web application vulnerabilities, as well as dangerous malware (Malware Detection and Web Application Scanner).

  • Cyber Security Rating: a cyber risk map based on more than 20 components and 400 controls to assess cyber exposure and its consequences.

  • Cyber Remediation: vulnerability reports allowing easy remediation. In addition and thanks to its ecosystem of partners, Menaya supports its customers in the application of remediation.


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