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TD Synnex Adds Onsite Warranty to OpenMPS Managed Print Service

Peter Lunn, UK technical lead for OpenMPS at TD SYNNEX
Peter Lunn, UK technical lead for OpenMPS at TD SYNNEX

Broadliner TD SYNNEX UK has added an onsite warranty option with full monitoring of devices to its successful OpenMPS managed print service. When combined with the existing installation and configuration services, partners have a complete end to end service proposition they can take to their customers.

In addition, as well as a full view of the status of all their customers’ devices, an updated dashboard for OpenMPS now provides partners with advanced information on when printers or multi-function devices are nearing end of life and need to be upgraded or replaced. This gives partners an additional way to add value and engage customers.

With the move to hybrid working and the skills shortage, the onsite warranty option adds a significant new dimension to the service, said Peter Lunn, UK technical lead for OpenMPS at TD SYNNEX: “with the extended warranty and monitoring added into OpenMSP, partners can take a complete managed services proposition to their customers. They can provide active monitoring and cover for device faults and failures, as well as automated replenishment of ink and toner. With the option of installation services available as well, they can now offer a complete, end to end managed print service. It’s simple to understand and sell, and ideal for partners that want to offer a managed option without investing in their own dedicated service and capability.

The OpenMPS Data Collection Agent (DCA) client software, which is installed on the customer’s system to provide monitoring, will detect faults and alert TD SYNNEX’s warranty services provider, allowing the latter to quickly identify and respond to any issues with no touch or intervention needed from the reseller’s side.

This is particularly important now that many customers are embracing hybrid working, Lunn added: “home workers can’t call the IT department and ask them to come over and look at their printer. But if it’s important to your work, you want to know that you can get the device up and running again quickly in the event of a break-down. With IT skills in short supply, this is an option that is also going to appeal to any organisation that wants to take the burden off their internal IT team.

The OpenMPS warranty and monitoring services can be applied to both new and existing devices, allowing partners to put forward proposals for a customer’s entire printer and MFD estate. They are available on all popular makes of print device, including HP, Epson, Canon and Xerox as well as other well-known manufacturers.



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