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Streamplify Enters French Market with Caseking

The CAM webcam, one of the products Streamplify offers in France
The CAM webcam, one of the products Streamplify offers in France

Gaming specialist Caseking France has inked an exclusive distribution of the new Streamplify brand, which aims to make streaming with various peripherals and accessories accessible to everyone.

"The people behind Streamplify all come from the PC components and video game world, some of them with up to 20 years of experience! After two years of development, testing and tweaking, Streamplify is now presenting its first range of products that will allow anyone to start streaming or upgrade a setup with affordable accessories and peripherals that don't sacrifice quality", explains Valentin Collet, commercial director for Caseking France.

It all starts with the CAM webcam, which offers 1080p recording at 60 fps with fast autofocus and a 90° shooting angle. Supplied with a tripod, the CAM can also be easily mounted on the top of a screen thanks to its integrated stand, while the ball joint allows you to carefully choose the angle. Two Realtek microphones complete this webcam.

To take it to the next level, why not add a microphone? The MIC comes in two versions to suit two different needs: one with a tripod for easy desktop installation, and one with an articulating arm and cable management for more freedom. In all cases, a pop filter is present, plus a suspension system. The microphone can be muted by simply pressing the top of the microphone, while the RGB ring adds a colourful touch to the installation and provides information on the status of the microphone. With its cardioid pattern and a sampling rate of up to 48 kHz / 16 bit, the MIC is perfect for clear recordings and live broadcasts.

Recording yourself and your voice is great. But it's even better if the lighting makes you look good. The 25cm-diameter LIGHT 10 light ring is ideal for mounting a phone or directly illuminating an object; it is powered by a USB cable and fits on a convenient tripod. The LIGHT 14 ring with its 35,5cm-diameter offers more power; with a 230V power supply, it becomes possible to also power a mobile device or a camera, with a dedicated mount for a phone and two mounting points for a camera or other accessories. Brightness control is done directly via a wired remote control on the LIGHT 10, while the LIGHT 14 offers touch controls and a wireless remote.

Finally, the green SCREEN LIFT backdrop has a generous size of 150 x 200 cm, making it ideal for integrating into a beautiful setting with your favourite streaming software. The roll-up system is mounted on castors for easy storage, while the lockable castors will prevent any minor inconvenience during streaming.



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