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Splashtop Announce a New Partnership with BeMSP to Distribute Remote Access Software for MSPs

Thomas Bresse, CEO and co-founder of BeMSP
Thomas Bresse, CEO and co-founder of BeMSP

Splashtop Inc, a global leader in cloud-based remote access, support and collaboration solutions, recently announced a new partnership with French MSP VAD BeMSP. This distribution agreement for Splashtop's remote access and support software, combined with BeMSP's MSP expertise, provides IT service providers with a powerful tool to support customers remotely.

Splashtop is a cloud-based, cross-platform remote access solution that provides secure access to a customer's entire IT infrastructure from anywhere on any device. Using Splashtop offers managed service providers an all-in-one solution for remote access management. With its cross-platform capabilities, users can access their computers from any device, regardless of operating system or hardware specifications.

In addition to these features, MSPs also benefit from flexible pricing options and scalability that allows them to adjust their plans based on their individual needs, while taking advantage of advanced security measures such as end-to-end encryption and secure authentication protocols.

The integration of Splashtop into its solution portfolio is a continuation of BeMSP's commitment to provide MSPs with market-leading, innovative solutions that are integrated into the technology ecosystem. "Today more than ever, MSPs are looking for reliable and affordable remote access and support tools to deliver quality customer service. They also need the solution to be secure", said Thomas Bresse, CEO and co-founder of BeMSP. "Splashtop is the card to play to quickly respond to a user's problem or to provide a robust solution for remote workers. With support for all types of devices and advanced features like augmented reality, MSPs can be reassured that they can take action."

Flexibility and efficiency in remote IT management are a key offering in the hybrid world", said Alexander Draaijer, Managing Director of Splashtop EMEA. "We’re excited to partner with BeMSP and strenghten our proposition in France, one of our key markets in Europe. With our range of secure, reliable and efficient solutions, we are confident we can help Managed Service Providers, in gaining a competitive advantage and in growing their business further.

BeMSP's partnership with Splashtop adds an additional layer of convenience and functionality for MSPs seeking reliable remote access and support capabilities for their customers. With its easy installation process and robust security features, combined with BeMSP's expertise in distributing software solutions, MSPs have everything they need to provide exceptional service and foster growth.


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