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SLR Group Joins GCN Group as Digital Distributor

Sander Nieuwstraten, Managing Director & co-founder at SLR Group
Sander Nieuwstraten, Managing Director & co-founder at SLR Group

Young Dutch security VAD SLR Group has joined GCN Group with access to Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg to strengthen the group's presence across Europe. Founded by seasoned industry experts, SLR Group is a fully digital distributor, giving them a position in the Benelux market as part of GCN Group.

"SLR Group was born out of personal experience and expertise in companies such as Tech Data, Arrow ECS and Westcon and was created due to the rapid growth opportunities available in digital IT distribution. The rapidly expanding playing field of new vendors with new technology and the existing vendors who have or are optimising their portfolio are SLR Group's focus areas. By responding directly to new technologies and changes in the industry, SLR Group has revolutionised the way they grow their business by joining GCN Group", said Sander Nieuwstraten, Managing Director & co-founder at SLR Group.

"As markets open up to more transformative businesses, we are proud to offer a digital approach and reliable business model", said Angelamaria Bova, Business Development Director at GCN Group. "By leveraging our unique business model and driving digital transformation, we can ensure the right strategy to create a strong brand presence and meaningful relationships in the Benelux market with the expertise found in SLR Group's background."

SLR Group's strong leadership team together with GCN Group's digital specialisation will provide a distinctive approach to achieving digital business goals while positively impacting the Benelux distribution market. SLR Group will offer its software solutions through KATY Platform, the value-added platform powered by GCN Group, and will benefit from evolving technologies.

With the addition of SLR Group together with Red Dot Distribution in Africa, GCN Group will reach a total of 49 countries before 2023, achieving market leadership in Africa and a stronger global reach to provide new and better opportunities for suppliers and resellers.



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