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SPONSOR INTERVIEW with Omri Barkin, Business Development Manager EMEA, Aura Air

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Omri Barkin, BDM, Aura Air

We caught up with Omri Barkin, Business Development Manager for Aura Air, to find out what's happening with the smart air purifying and monitoring business and the company's EMEA channel plans for the year ahead.

Tell us about Aura Air In a world where air quality is more important than ever before, Aura Air developed the world’s smartest air management platform, one that cleanses your indoor air while vigilantly monitoring its quality in real-time. The company’s award-winning design and patented technology filters and disinfects indoor air with a simple plug-and-play solution, guaranteed to remove viruses, bacteria, allergens, mold and VOCs.

Aura Air’s abilities have been scientifically proven by Sheba Medical Center (one of the top 10 hospitals in the world) as well as Innovative Bioanalysis Laboratory in California, who demonstrated the system’s effectiveness in purifying indoor air from 99.99% of airborne SARS-CoV-2 virus within 60 minutes. Currently, Aura Air is a publicly-traded company, listed on the TASE (AUSA) and operating in more than 87countries worldwide, cleaning the air in countless corporations, real estate projects, hospitals, universities, and government agencies.

What is your product roadmap for 2022?

At ChannelSummit EMEA, we will showcase the Aura Air device, Aura’s B2B web platform and business app and our B2C app. In Q2 we will launch a new B2B app with exciting new features that gives the B2B web platform user all the information he needs in his mobile app.

We will also launch new integrations such as IFTTT and google calendar.

Tell us about the launch of the Enterprise Aura B2B Web Platform We launched the Aura web platform at CES 2022. The platform is an enterprise solution for businesses to maintain the highest standards of indoor air quality in public spaces. This platform offers an extensive set of tools for businesses to manage and monitor multiple Aura Air purification systems at once by controlling every aspect of indoor air quality.

With the Aura Web Platform, users have access to insights, alerts and recommendations in real-time that enable them to take immediate action and proactively improve and maintain indoor health and safety. Additionally, they have the ability to set rules to automate devices, saving on energy while maintaining a clean work environment.

The dashboard presents a full picture of both indoor and outdoor AQI. Businesses are able to plan their week in advance by learning about upcoming road conditions and unhealthy air quality to create a smart and effective workflow.

Key features of the Aura Web Platform include:

  • Aura Rating: a unique system that helps customers improve their overall air quality by tracking CO, CO2, VOC, PM.2.5, PM10 and climate. The Aura Rating will help set the industry standard for healthy indoor environments.

  • Aura Views: a variety of widgets that can be publicly displayed in various locations to highlight indoor and outdoor AQI and weather. Each user can personalize their views and even add a business video or website for display alongside the air quality widgets.

  • API: The interface gives users the ability to manage and control their organization’s Aura Air devices in real-time and enables third-party integrations with building management systems or other services.

How has the air purification market changed over the last 12 months and what future trends do you anticipate?

We are seeing that the air quality awareness increased enormously due the Corona pandemic and the discussion on the endemic period (installing air quality solutions to prevent infections among employees). According to the Frost & Sullivan report, the Indoor air quality market revenue stands at $7B and will grow to $11.94B by 2026. (7.9% CAGR).

Which countries are you prioritising in the next 12 months? Our priority markets for the next 12 month are Germany, France, Spain, UK, Italy and UAE.

What sort of channel partners are you looking for at the ChannelSummit EMEA?

The type of partners we are looking to meet at the ChannelSummit are distributors in the IT, IoT, HVAC sectors. In addition we would like to meet companies that provide a variety of smart solutions to businesses such as the smart building and the smart home industries. We are also looking to expand our technological corporations and business corporations with relevant companies.

Do you have a structured channel programme? Please explain how you work with your channel partners After signing an agreement, we hold a kick-off session that includes 'meet and greet' between each department in the company (finance, logistics, marketing, sales etc.) We also initiate sales sessions for the sales reps of the company, assisting on generating sales with key customers in the region and building together the business plan. On the marketing side, we are providing all materials, assitising on generating leads by campaigns and more.

Any partnerships, sponsorships or collaborations planned for 2022?

As we are a public company we cannot elaborate on this matter. But stay tuned :-)

For more information about Aura Air, click here

Aura Air is a Headline Sponsor for the ChannelSummit EMEA event.


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