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OSF Signs with AMC and Multibracket

Nuh Akdogan, OSF's founder
Nuh Akdogan, OSF's founder

Pro video VAD OSF has taken on a new challenge and is integrating audio with AMC and completing its media catalog with the Multibrackets brand.

Present on the market for 15 years, AMC is a brand specialized in sound. It offers a complete range of products such as portable and integration speakers, amplifiers, wireless microphones, digital processing, etc.

Multibrackets is a Swedish manufacturer that has been in the market for display stands for over 20 years. Multibrackets offers mounts for all types of applications:

  • Video conferencing, meeting rooms

  • Digital Signage

  • Professional environment

Sleek design and quality are pillars for the brand.

"With AMC, we complement our video offering with a complete range of audio products. Multibracket will allow us to more effectively meet our customers' video media needs", explains Nuh Akdogan, OSF's founder.


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