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M&A outfit Regent Assay announces new partnership with EvolutionCBS

Updated: May 13

The London Corporate Finance team of Regent Assay - Mike Simson, Pradip Somaia, Dolf Campman, James Calvert and Brett Stacey - are embarking on a new journey outside of Regent Assay. This team will now trade as Regent Evolution Limited, a sister company of EvolutionCBS, under the Evolution CBS Holdings banner.


The Regent Evolution team’s specific sector experience in the Technology, Media & Telecommunications, Healthcare, Human Capital and Decarbonisation/Renewable Energy Sectors will provide wider access to the global investor marketplace through membership of the Geneva Capital Group.


Together with EvolutionCBS they will bring collective industry/sector experience exceeding 100 years and have been responsible for completing more than 800 successful transactions.


Pradip Somaia of Regent Evolution said: “We are very excited to be partnering with EvolutionCBS. Whilst we will now be known as Regent Evolution, the combined resources of the Regent Assay team and Evolution CBS will provide a very strong offering into the corporate finance advisory market. This expanded group will also benefit hugely from our existing hybrid Corporate Finance Consultancy Business proposition which incorporates the proven and hugely successful Regent Assay ‘Equity Accelerator Plan’ into our M&A core offering."


EvolutionCBS Managing Director, Mike Whittle, commented “This is an exciting and hugely positive announcement for EvolutionCBS as we continue to grow our proposition and broaden our ability to help business owners across the spectrum of preparation support, fund raising and exit services. The new team has a wealth of experience and enhances both specific sector focus and our international reach. We are delighted to welcome Mike, Brett, Dolf, Pradip and James to the Evolution Family and look forward to working with them”.


Pradip Somaia is speaking at Channel Summit EMEA 2024. For workshop details click here


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