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Itancia Launches 909

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Thierry Le Goff, CEO of Itancia
Thierry Le Goff, CEO of Itancia

French eco-responsible networking distributor Itancia has launched its 909 network of repair agencies. 909 is the new kid on the block for home repair of consumer electronics and appliances. 909 was born from the merger of four key players in this market: Tech Service, LM3S, STVS and Iphinity, which have all been acquired by Itancia.

Driven by strong and concrete values around proximity, expertise and ecology, this new key player allows :

  • manufacturers to benefit from a trusted partner for the delegation of their after-sales missions to their customers.

  • end consumers to have access to a local service in order to repair and recover a functional device quickly.

The reflex of systematically buying new and/or throwing away one's product must absolutely be replaced by the economic, ecological and reliable reflex that is 909. Beyond the eco-responsible act of repairing, 909 offers a simple and efficient service in order to regain the comfort of a functional device as quickly as possible.

"We are creating a national network of local agencies specialising in home repair of electronic and household appliance products in order to be as close as possible to every French person. We work with the biggest brands in the consumer electronics/appliance sector but also directly with the end consumer. We have two major strengths that offer unique advantages on the market: the fact that 909 is a combination of four historical experts, and the fact that 909 belongs to Itancia, a pioneer and leader in the repair and reconditioning of technological products", explains Thierry Le Goff, CEO of Itancia. "All this allows 909 to offer B2B and B2C customers expert, reliable and recognised services to meet all their needs."

909 has become the new reflex to adopt to save product life and face some delicate situations that any have already experienced and will continue to experience! It offers:

  • remote diagnosis: an audio/video call with a 909 expert to diagnose and repair a device remotely. This exchange is usually enough to solve a breakdown, saving you time and money while reducing the impact on the planet.

  • home repair: a 909 expert will come to your home and repair your appliance.

  • workshop repair: diagnosis and repair in the branch for small electronic/household appliances such as microwaves, hoovers, etc.



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