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EXHIBITOR INTERVIEW: Ewa Ciesla, Business Development Manager,TelForceOne

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Tell us about TelForceOne

TelForceOne Group consists of eight dynamically developing companies, which portfolio includes over a dozen brands, directed to both business and retail customers. We are a producer of smartphones, consumer electronics, GSM accessories, and a distributor of global brands. We are dynamically developing our offer for international retail chains.

TelForceOne is one of the companies in Capital Group and we offer We offer modern solutions in the field of mobile technology, consumer electronics, and GSM accessories. Another large part of TelForceOne Group is mPTech, established to produce mobile devices such as smartphones, phones, and laptops. Our products branded as myPhone, HAMMER, and techbite are available in various distribution channels such as electro chains, food chains, and GSM operators.

myPhone is a well-known Polish brand, available on the market for almost 15 years. Its portfolio includes solutions for each generation: smartphones and traditional mobile phones - with a flip, "slider" type, and features dedicated to seniors. HAMMER is a Polish leader among rugged phones and smartphones resistant to water, dust, and shock. It has been operating successfully since 2014 and its portfolio includes solutions in three sublines: Athlete, Adventure, and Industrial. HAMMER is meant to motivate and inspire every day.

Which markets do you trade in?

We are currently one of the largest manufacturers of consumer electronics and accessories in Central and Eastern Europe. Over a dozen years, we have established a structure of over 500 specialists, thanks to which we currently serve over 50 countries. We focus our activity mainly on Europe, where we stress cooperation with the retail and SMB sector. Our objective is close cooperation specifically with the retail sector, with which we are jointly managing our mobile accessories and consumer electronics sales policy.

Which sectors do you work with?

We own more than a dozen brands developed in various distribution channels. We work with electro chains, food chains, discount stores, GSM operators, and the SMB sector nationally and internationally.

What trends have you seen in the market?

When it comes to GSM technology, wireless charging, and fast charging are definitely the trends that keep growing. The iPhone 14 is scheduled for release this fall, so we are preparing accessory sets for the latest smart launches as well. The growing popularity of active lifestyles of Europeans allows us to continue to develop the category of smartwatches and headphones TWS and those with active noise reduction ANC.

A noticeable trend is also the ecological approach to packaging and the products themselves therefore we create a range of portfolio focused on ecology and put an effort into carbon footprint reduction.

Which products will you be showing delegates at Channel Summit EMEA?

We would like to present a cross-section of the offer, divided into brands dedicated to specific sales channels:

Forever is a brand created for retail chains and the e-commerce sector, covering a wide range of consumer electronics and accessories for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Core is a collection of modern GSM devices, based on fast charging technologies and innovative product solutions. It is a high quality brand, dedicated to electro chains. Maxlife are reliable GSM devices that are available for wide distribution due to their affordable price. The Maxlife offer is mainly dedicated to Small and Medium Business customers. The Setty brand was created in response to the growing demand for good quality products at prices attractive to the end customer. Setty appliances are distributed in the world's largest food and electronic chains.

Forever Light is a broad line of modern light sources for the home, distributed in the world's largest electronic, DIY and Small and Medium Business chains. MoMi is a brand created to help mothers of newborns and children up to 5 years old and has in its portfolio various products: baby strollers, car seats, vehicles, mats, baby chairs etc. QKIDS is a brand which accompanies the child at every stage of development, providing products appropriate to their age and level of motor skills: bikes, scooters, skateboards. From myPhone we selected myPhone NOW eSIM - smartphone with eSIM functionality and myPhone UP Smart working on KaiOS system allowing to close smartphones functions in classic phone housing.

When it comes to HAMMER we will focus on HAMMER EXPLORER Plus Eco with modular accessories such as external battery representing the Adventure line. We will also introduce HAMMER Blade 5G which is a reinforced 5G smartphone with eSIM function.

Tell us about what type of channel partner you are hoping to meet at the event?

As a producer and distributor of global brands we are open to working with all types of channel partners across the EMEA region so we invite all delegates to drop by the TelForce One stand to discover our brands and products. There's something for everyone!

Do you have a structured channel programme? Please explain how you work with your channel partners

We offer support to our business partners at all stages of cooperation. A dedicated account manager helps to create a year-round offer for both retail and SMB clients. In addition, we offer marketing support in terms of POS materials, e-commerce content, images, social media materials, packaging design, etc. We also conduct intensive cross-promotional strategy for our clients.

Any interesting partnerships, sponsorships or collaborations to share?

As mPTech we have been working with Google for a long time to develop Android and to obtain smartphone certification Google Mobile Services. Now, to ensure even higher standard of safety and reliability of our models, we have joined the Android Enterprise Recommended Programme. We want to provide solutions that are 100% tailored to our clients business. Android Enterprise Recommended is a programme that makes it easier for companies to select, implement and manage the best Android devices. The Programme ensures that such devices meet high requirements for company use, which is confirmed by Google's approval.

Any interesting projects to share?

Since 2020, we have been developing fairly young brands for the youngest consumers: MoMi and QKIDS. MoMi is a brand created to help mothers of newborns and children up to 5 years old and QKIDS accompanies the child from infancy to early adolescence. At every stage of life, we provide products that support motor skills and develop the senses. Both of them are available now in over 30 countries. The brand's offer is also present in the world's most important marketplaces. As a team, we are most proud of the fact that we are constantly growing and conquering new markets around the world.


To get in touch with the team, contact: Ewa Ciesla, Business Development Manager France

E: |M: +48 608 210 211

For more information about TelForceOne visit -


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