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Exhibitor Interview: Dany Dätwiler, Founder & Owner, VMAX

Tell us about VMAX

The Swiss e-scooter brand VMAX was founded in 2015. Today, VMAX produces the best quality and most powerful street legal e-scooters in the world for any purpose.

The brand image represents four pillars: Quality, Performance, Design and Support. In addition, sustainability is very important to us within the scope of our possibilities. Our product line ranges from street legal 36V/400 watt & 48V/500 watt e-scooters to high performance e-scooters with up to 2100 watts! Our claim: Time for E-Quality!

What sets VMAX apart from other mobility brands?

The main difference is that VMAX is not only a brand, but also develops and manufactures the products in its own owner-operated, Swiss-Chinese factory, as one of the few brands in the world ever. VMAX is 100% focused on e-scooters. Each person within the VMAX group deals with only one important topic - development, design, production and distribution of e-scooters as well as after-sales support.

Our thoughts in the area of product development as well as in the relevant marketing areas revolve specifically around this topic. Thus, we are continuously developing in this area, while other brands consider this topic as a side issue. The VMAX products are extremely fine-tuned and noticeably better matched in all essential areas, with regard to the best performance of the vehicle, which is unparalleled in direct comparison with the competition on the global market.

VMAX escooter range

What is your product roadmap for 2023 and what can delegates expect to see at Channel Summit EMEA?

We will present our current top-selling product range VX2, VX3, VX5 as well as our new products VX2 Pro and VX4. From the race-series we will surprise and entertain the partners with our new model R40 Pro and R55 Pro.

Which countries are you prioritising in the next 12 months?

We are looking ot expand our business across all countries in Europe, North America and UAE.

What sort of channel partners are you looking for at the Channel Summit EMEA?

We are looking for partners/distributors for a long-term cooperation. The e-scooter market is developing rapidly and the growth forecasts are very promising thanks to our brand values "Quality, Performance, Design, Support". To ensure that the VMAX brand continues to achieve sustainable growth, we are looking for well-connected partners/distributors who will work with us to secure further market share with a lot of commitment and a clear growth strategy.

We have the products and the clear brand message, which have already been successfully established in various markets - Do you have the network and the resources in your country to continue the success story of VMAX?

How has the urban mobility scene changed in Germany over the last 12 months and what future trends do you anticipate?

The acceptance of e-scooters has risen sharply and we can see a clear trend of owning instead of sharing or renting. The clear trend towards alternative mobility solutions continues and the share of e-scooters is increasing strongly.

A trend towards touring e-scooters can be seen. The driving experience of an e-scooter can hardly be compared and gives every user a feeling of freedom coupled with a high fun factor. It makes you want to do more and invites you to go on longer trips and excursions. Depending on the model, our e-scooters are ideal for other purposes in addition to classic urban transport.

Photo by Catherine Sheila

Tell us about your carbon offsetting initiative with Greenspark

Through the cooperation with Greenspark, we have the opportunity to lend a hand together. For every VMAX e-scooter purchased, a portion of the profit goes to non-profit organizations and projects that support our environment. Thus, with every order, 10kg of CO2 are pulled out of the air, 5 plastic bottles are fished out of the sea and one new tree is planted per product review.

Which organizations and projects VMAX also supports?

Plastic Bank

To date, Plastic Bank has been able to help more than 5,000 people in Haiti, Brazil, the Philippines and Indonesia earn a fair and sustainable income by collecting plastic waste. This organization helps the world stop plastic in the ocean while improving the lives of those who collect it. The collected material is reborn as Social Plastic, which can be easily reincorporated into products and packaging as part of a closed-loop supply chain.

Eden Reforestation Projects

Eden Reforestation Projects' mission is to combat deforestation by engaging local communities to plant trees. This gives local people the opportunity to alleviate their extreme poverty by protecting the environment. Since 2005, approximately 20 million trees per month have been planted.

Do you have a structured channel programme? Please explain how you work with your channel partners

We attach great importance to high-quality content and clear brand and product messages. Our partners/distributors are digitally equipped with a lot of marketing material.

We have also gained a lot of expertise in performance marketing and campaign management in the DACH/GAS region, as we distribute our products there ourselves. This ensures optimal support for our partners/distributors globally.

Any partnerships, sponsorships or collaborations planned for 2022?

In 2022, VMAX had a product placement of e-scooters as part of the Formula-E live broadcast on the well-known TV channel Pro7/Sat.1. We also currently sponsor soccer and tennis clubs to promote young talents.


VMAX is a headline sponsor for Channel Summit EMEA 2023. For more information about VMAX click here



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