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Cris Réseaux & WALLIX Sign a Distribution Agreement

Frédéric Masclet, managing director of Cris Réseaux
Frédéric Masclet, managing director of Cris Réseaux

French network and security VAD Cris Réseaux has unveiled a new partnership with French technological flagship WALLIX. This agreement comes within the framework of the French distributor's commitment to digital sovereignty. The WALLIX offer completes the portfolio by providing an additional layer of security, identity management.

"With increasing demands on efficiency, productivity and security, IT teams have a bigger job than ever when it comes to accurately identifying who is accessing corporate systems", explains Frédéric Masclet, managing director of Cris Réseaux. "WALLIX IDaaS addresses these challenges as well as the risks posed by employees and service providers connecting via VPN."

Contextual Multi-Factor Authentication / MFA

  • protect against credential theft with multiple levels of authentication to secure your entire enterprise.

  • secure authentication based on usage and type of application used.



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