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Atempo and CRIS Réseaux Join Forces

Frédéric Masclet, Managing Director of CRIS Réseaux
Frédéric Masclet, Managing Director of CRIS Réseaux

Atempo, the European leader in data protection and an international player in data management, announces its partnership with French network and security VAD CRIS Réseaux to offer an alternative sovereign solution to meet the cyber resilience needs of companies.

Data is now the source of all value creation and every effort must be made to capture, host, protect and leverage it with sovereign solutions. Aware of the stakes, many French digital players (including Atempo and CRIS Réseaux), with the support of several members of parliament and senators, have drafted a Manifesto, with an action plan and concrete proposals to support the ecosystem, the industry and users who are entitled to demand a trusted cyberspace.

This approach is also supported by the CSF (Comité Stratégique de Filière) with the letter addressed to integrators and NSEs, which encourages the use of sovereign solutions in calls for projects, AMI (Appel à Manifestation d'Intérêt) and more generally, in consultations.

Through this partnership, Atempo and CRIS Réseaux are strengthening their desire to offer a resilient cyber offer in order to meet the new European digital ambition. CRIS Réseaux can thus offer its community of over 1,500 IT service providers an alternative sovereign solution for the protection of their customers' data.

"The MSP market is developing rapidly and represents an incredible growth opportunity. It is important for Cree Networks to respond to the needs of MSPs with a sovereign offering that will complement our portfolio of solutions dedicated to cyber security. In this context, Atempo is the obvious choice in our strategy for all our partners. We look forward to this partnership and to helping our customers achieve their business growth ambitions", said Frédéric Masclet, Managing Director of CRIS Réseaux.

In order to complete their range of sovereign solutions dedicated to cybersecurity, with a data backup brick, marketable primarily in MSP mode, and occasionally in purchase/resale mode, depending on the size and configuration of the end customers, Atempo and CRIS Réseaux place at the heart of their partnership:

  • shared values around the need to build Europe's digital autonomy around data security and confidentiality

  • close collaboration between the two regional sales teams responsible for managing our distribution networks and our technical teams

  • a sovereign technological base to ensure the protection of data of variable geometry, on-premises or in the cloud

"The quality of the close relationship that the Cris Réseaux teams have built up over the past 20 years with their IT resellers, combined with the very clear and successful vision of their director, Frédéric Masclet, to position the company as a sovereign VAD dedicated to MSSPs (Managed Security Services Providers), are all guarantees of understanding the market in which Atempo operates and also of the quality of execution of the deployment of sovereign IT solutions", adds Florence Manteau, Director of Development of Atempo's MSP Ecosystem.


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