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AGM launches extreme rugged smartphone

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Rugged smartphone brand AGM has launched the ideal handset for outdoor adventurers and extreme weather enthusiasts. The AGM Glory Pro boasts four cameras including a Sony 48MP front facing camera, macro camera, night vision camera and infared camera. The Glory Pro is 5G enabled and powered by the Snapdagon 480 CPU.

Other impressive features include the phone's capacity to cope with extreme temperatures. The 6200mAh battery lasts for 22 hours at -27 degrees celcius, 10 hours at -30 degrees and 1 hour at -40 degrees.

AGM was founded in 2011 and launched in Europe in 2019. The brand is present in 5 countries including Greece, Lichtensein, Switzerland and South Korea.

In 2019, the rugged smartphone market was valued at $2,432.84 million and is expected to reach $ 3,960.79 million by 2027.



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