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5.5bn Matter-compliant devices expected to ship 2022 - 2030

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

According to ABI Research’s Matter and its Smart Home Impact application analysis report, the incoming Matter certification will have a positive effect on channel sales of smart home related products. The report highlights an anticipated 100 million Matter supported devices will be shipped in 2022, leading up to an expected 5.5 billion Matter compliant devices by 2030.

Matter is a unifying standard for the smart home industry with the aim of enabling compatibility and interoperability between different smart home brands and platforms. First announced in December 2019, and led by the initial collaboration between Amazon, Apple, Comcast, Google and Zigbee Alliance, there are now over 220 members and partners committed to the Matter certification programme.

“Matter will drive smart home platforms capabilities to onboard and manage smart home devices – dispensing with a generation of device vendor apps,” commented Jonathan Collins, Smart Home Research Director at ABI Research, and author of the Matter report. “OEM/ODMs will have to quickly establish how they adapt to Matter and how to best protect and expand their customer base,” Collins noted.

Matter is expected to go live mid-2022.

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