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Channel Summit presented 3 different awards at the event.

Discover the Winners, Honorees, and Top 3 Achievers

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Best Product Award 2023

The Best Product Award is a yearly contest honoring the Business Potential of new products presented at Channel Summit EMEA.

Who can participate? Any vendor attending the Event​

How is it decided? ​Winners will be determined by LIVE voting.

Who votes? Votes will be only collected from the buyers

Voting Criteria: Business Potential

Trophée Best Product Audio & Entertainment.png

Winner – Mymanu

Honoree – AWOL

Top3 - Kandao

Trophée Best Product IT Peripherals & Accessories.png

Winner – Mobile Pixels

Honoree – Swiftpoint

Top3 - IRIS

Trophée Best Product Gaming & Computing.png

Winner – Arozzi

Honoree – Mionix

Top3 - Bleujour

Trophée Best Product Mobile Products.png

Winner – Moft

Honoree – Boox

Top3 - Vonmahlen

Trophée Best Product Green Tech.png

Winner – Choetech

Honoree – Bluetti

Top3 - Sandberg

Trophée Best Product Smart Home & Living.png

Winner – Vitesy

Honoree – Aiper

Top3 - Tellur

Best Vendor Award 2023

The Best Vendor Award recognises the creativity, product attractiveness, company & team performance of the Vendors present at the event.

Who can participate? any vendor attending the Event.

How is it decided? ​Winners will be determined by LIVE voting.

Who votes? Votes will be only collected from the buyers.

Voting Criteria: Combination of products presented, business potential & team interaction during the event

Trophée Best Vendor Audio & Entertainment.png

Winner – Sudio

Honoree – Mymanu

Top3 - Trevi

Trophée Best Vendor IT Peripherals & Accessories.png

Winner – Vonmahlen

Honoree – Swiftpoint

Honoree  – Verbatim

Top3 - Port Design

Trophée Best Vendor Gaming & Computing.png

Winner – Sandberg

Honoree – Vertux

Top3 - White Shark  & SBOX

Trophée Best Vendor Mobile Products.png

Winner – dbramante1928

Honoree – Boox

Top3 - Moft

Trophée Best Vendor Green Tech.png

Winner – Tellur

Honoree – Choetech

Top3 - Click & Grow

Trophée Best Vendor Smart Home & Living.png

Winner – Hombli

Honoree – Aqara

Top3 - Awol

Sustainability Initiative 2023


MicrosoftTeams-image (59).png

Winner – Dicota

Honoree – dbramante1928

Top3 - QDOS

Channel Partner

MicrosoftTeams-image (59).png

Winner – Ingram Micro

Honoree – Aqipa

Channel Summit introduced the first Sustainability Initiative Award to honor those vendors and channel partners who are going the extra mile to provide greener products and deliver them in a more environmentally friendly way.

We wanted to hear about sustainability projects and initiatives, we were looking for impact, innovation and case studies that could support the wider adoption of best practices to drive the industry towards net zero and reduce the channel’s impact on the planet. 

30 exceptional applications were carefully evaluated by our panel of jury members.

Example initiatives include:

Greener supply chain management strategies

Introduction sustainable materials into your products

Innovative carbon offsetting strategy

Solutions to drive the circular economy

A successful refurbished product category launch


Evaluation Criteria included: 

Overview of the initiative

People involved internally and also 3rd party partners

How was the project delivered and in what time frame

What were the biggest hurdles and how did the applicant overcome them

What were the environmental benefits

How did each applicant communicated this initiative to their target audience

What was the response from the relevant stakeholders

How is the applicant looking to build on this initiative

Is this initiative part of a wider strategy?

Judging panel included:

Farouk Hemraj, Founder, Channelhub

Tarika Marshall, Impact Tech Consultant, Humankind Technologies

Liam McSherry, Founder, flocq

Tatjana Wismeth, Head of Distribution & Supply Chain Intelligence, GfK

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